Wyndham’s Pathways Program: Real Buyback or Sales Scam

Wyndham’s Pathways Program: Real Buyback or Sales Scam

The most recent addition to Wyndham’s vacation ownership (timeshare) offerings is the “Pathways Program.”  The Pathways program is being touted as a “real” buy back program, providing timeshare owners with the right to sell their timeshare contracts back to Wyndham for a whopping 20% on the dollar.  However, upon closer inspection it becomes clear that the new program is not a buy back or redemption program at all, but another Wyndham sales scam to sell more points.

First, the program requires the Wyndham owner to purchase additional points in order to participate.   The Pathways buyers we interviewed stated that the price was twenty percent (20%) of what they currently owned.  So if you owned One Million Points, you would presumably have to buy an additional 200,000 points to participate.

Second, not only is the program costly, but it never truly obligates Wyndham to purchase your timeshare points.  A careful reading of the Pathways “Terms and Conditions” reveals that Wyndham does not actually promise to buy back your timeshare points.  To the contrary, the supposed contract states that ” WVR has no obligation to purchase Owner’s eligible timeshare contract(s).”   In Wyndham’s own words, it only has to purchase some or all of your timeshare contracts if it “elects to purchase” under the Program.  The Pathways Program merely gives the owner the right to “provide Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. (WVR) AN OPPORTUNITY to purchase the ownership interest,” an opportunity that it is never obligated to exercise.   Consequently, Wyndham has once again hoodwinked its very own members into buying additional largely worthless timeshare points without actually offering anything of value in return.

The Pathways Program has numerous additional problems, the most obvious of which is that the Pathways ‘contract” is not a contract at all.  A contract requires at least two parties to exchange promises.  The “Pathway by Club Wyndham” document is cleverly only signed by the timeshare owner.  Wyndham never executes the one-sided document.  The document, therefore, is unenforceable against Wyndham.

In conclusion, the Pathways Program is a fraudulent scheme by Wyndham to sell more timeshare points.  It promises absolutely nothing.  Moreover, even if Wyndham was guilted into purchasing your points, the math will never work out in your favor.   Our next article about Pathways will show you how the Pathways program is calculated to ensure Wyndham always profits.

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