What You Need to Know About Wyndham Pathways Program

In short, its a fraudulent scheme to get existing timeshare owners to buy more Wyndham timeshare points.  While its being sold as a “true buy back program,”  the real truth is that its nothing more than a worthless piece of paper.  As previously reported, the Pathway’s “contract” does not obligate Wyndham to purchase your points…in any way, at any time, at any price.

Second, the so called “contract” refers to itself, meaning that if Wyndham were pressed into purchasing some of your points, they will only pay you 20% of the price you paid to take part in the Pathways program (i.e. 20% of the new points you purchased to take part in the pathways program).  Its a horribly dishonest scheme designed to take advantage of those who in desperation may need to sell their points (which are actually worthless and cannot be sold on the open market).

Finally, the Pathways “contract” isn’t a contract at all.  Wyndham does not actually sign the document, and therefore does not ever legally bind itself to anything contained in the document.   In truth, when you boil it all down, Wyndham is asking you to buy more points (105,000 or more additional points) so that you will have the right to “tender” those same points back to Wyndham for only 20% of what you paid for the points.  Utterly Ridiculous. Its a lose-lose proposition every time.  If you’ve become a victim of the Pathways program, call or email us today to discuss your rights!  (818) 394-0347 or info@wyndhampathways.com.

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